Scale Beleuchtung

HeliArtist LED-Beleuchtungsset V2
HeliArtist Remote Control Lighting System Version 2 is now launched in the RC market. As same as V1, it is a easy controllable, light and scale lighting set which is suitable for 200-600 size scale model helicopters and aeroplanes.
Different than the first version, this V2 lighting system has an advanced controllable multi-lighting pattern design. By using an additonal channel on the receiver which is controlled by a single way switch, total eight types of lighting patterns could be adjusted anytime.

- Turn on/off by the radio control
- Eight unique lighting patterns can be selected using radio control
- Light in weight: 17g (with all LEDs and wires)
- Small in size: 24x36mm (the central board)
- LED diameter: 3mm (small), 5mm (large)

The system includes:
1x Remote Control Lighting System V2
3x White Color LED
2x Red Color LED
1x Green Color LED
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